Thursday, 17 January 2019

Challenging while breastfeeding: My Experience

I've been thinking a lot today about challenging your baby's cow's milk protein allergy while breastfeeding. It is a scary thing to do as a mum as you know you are giving your child something that could potentially make them very ill. However, it is something that you will be asked to do by your GP, Dietitian and Health Visitor under their guidance.

When I was breastfeeding Matilda, under the advice of the GP, I challenged her by trying a splash of milk in my morning cup of tea. It was nerve-wracking. I spent the next few hours staring at her, watching her every breath, jumping at every cry. At first, she seemed fine, but within a couple of hours, not long after a feed, she began her ear-piercing scream and I knew that was a sign that she was having severe pain in her stomach and it wasn't long until we would be back to several nappy changes an hour.

I refrained from having any more dairy and went back to by milk free diet instantly. Matilda's symptoms quickly settled and we were back to our normal dairy free life. At 6 months old we met with Matilda's Paediatric Dietitian who advised us to refrain from challenging her again until she was 12 months old when we would look at the Milk Ladder and attempt the first step.

We are now weaning dairy free and I moved Matilda on to a suitable formula so that I can now eat dairy again. Something I will never take for granted after 6 months being dairy free.

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