Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Hope for the Future Treatment of Food Allergies

Earlier this week, I shared an article on my Instagram page from The Independent online, that highlights a medical study by Italian and US doctors around gut bacteria and its role in the treatment and prevention of allergies.

The article, titled 'Gut Bacteria transplant shown to prevent deadly allergic reaction, giving hope to future treatment,' states that the research has shown how levels of single-celled microbes in the gut play an imperative role in the development of food allergies. Their research has shown how transplanting gut bacteria into a subject can prevent severe reactions such as an anaphylaxis response to an allergen such as cow's milk protein. They believe their data is 'paving the way for innovative interventions for prevention and treatment of food allergy.'

As a mum of a child with a cows' milk protein allergy, this is the kind of thing I want to read about. Like any mum, I would happily swap places with Matilda to prevent her any suffering. Although the article is an overall positive read, there are many questions it raises. Will it just prevent an anaphylaxis reaction or all types of reactions? What would a gut bacteria transplant physically involve? And what is it's success rate?

The article states it is giving hope, let us hope it does not turn out to be false hope.

The read the article yourself and make up your own mind, click here

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