Dairy Free Formula Options

The link below will lead you to a pdf aimed at GP’s to guide them on what to prescribe babies with a Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy. I have to say this has been my most valuable piece of information, especially when I decided to begin the transition from breastfeeding dairy-free to bottle feeding. It even gave me the knowledge and confidence to challenge one GP who was trying to prescribe Matilda a Soya based formula after she had an allergic reaction to an Extensively Hydrolyzed formula she had been prescribed when she was only 5 months old. 
Below, I have also summarized a bit about the most common formulas prescribed to babies with a Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy. Further information is available on their individual websites, just follow the links. 

Extensively Hydrolyzed Formula 

Extensively Hydrolyzed Formulas do contain Cow’s Milk Protein, however the protein has been broken down into minute fragments which most children will not react too. Kids with Food Allergies states that 90% of child will not react to it.  
Commonly prescribed Extensively Hydrolyzed Formula’s in the UK are: 
We were prescribed this as our first formula to try Matilda on. Unfortunately, she had an allergic reaction to this also as she is super sensitive to CMP. However, I have heard of many babies getting along fine. You just need to get them over the horrible smell! 
This is produced by Cow and Gate and is suitable from 6 months + 
This is produced by Aptamil and is available as Pepti 1 for babies 0-6 months and then Pepti 2 for babies 6 months+ 

Amino Acid Based Formula 

This is used in cases where the Extensively Hydrolyzed Formula hasn’t worked or is not suitable. An Amino Acid Based Formula is based on 100% non-allergenic amino acids that are least unlikely to trigger an allergic reaction. They are suitable for children with multiple food allergies also. 

Neocate LCP https://www.aptaclub.co.uk/article/aptamil-pepti-1 
Suitable for babies 0-12 months. Matilda is currently on Neocate LCP and is doing well. It does have a smell that reminds me of a swimming pool but it is far less offensive than the smell of Nutramigen and where as it took me weeks just to get Matilda to take just 2oz of Nutramigen  (which she then reacted to) she happily took Neocate LCP without any hesitation. I have been told by my health visitor that it is very expensive and not to be surprised if my dietician changed it to another brand. However, my dietitian was happy for Matilda to stay on this and wrote to our GP to advise her prescription to continue.  
Nutramigen Puramino https://www.nutramigen.co.uk/products/nutramigen-puramino 
This is Nutramigen’s amino acid-based version of their formula. It was previously branded as Nutramigen AA. It is suitable from birth onwards. 

Soya based formula 

There is a big debate over soya-based products and infants. Please see section headed The Soya Debate for more information and my opinion on the subject.  

There are further formula options available. I once met a mum whose baby had a CMP allergy and she was on the goat’s milk-based formula Nannycare and was thriving on it despite the similarity to cow’s milk-based formulas. 
Please just remember, don’t just self-diagnose. See your GP immediately if you think your baby may have a CMP allergy. Get it confirmed and then talk through your options with them.

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