Bottle Feeding Dairy Free

There are so many options for dairy free formula. Some are better than others. The best advice I can give is do your reading. Know your stuff. I have argued with a GP who tried to prescribe my 5-month-old daughter a soya based formula when she reacted to Nutramingen. He was shocked at my knowledge of the research and the statistics I was able to throw at him to argue why that wasn’t a good course of action. In the end, I was the one to guide him on what would be the best formula for my child.  

The most useful document for this was the NHS Prescribing Guidelines for Infant Formula for Infants with Cow' Milk Protein Allergy or Lactose Intolerance. It is also worth reading some of the most commonly prescribed formula websites as well as research papers on them to help give you a greater understanding of what your child will be having as their main source of nutrition. I have provided some information on this on my Bottle-Feeding Dairy Free: Formula Options page.

The biggest issues I found having to have prescription formula was number one, the constant fear of running out of formula. You can’t buy it in the shop, not many pharmacies stock them and it can take several days from putting in your prescription to receiving the formula. We were once given the wrong formula by the pharmacy which I didn’t realize until I went to open the bag at the weekend as my husband had picked up the prescription. They had given us her old prescription formula, which she was allergic to as well. Frantically we rang around all the local pharmacies trying to track down a tin of formula to get us through the weekend until the doctor's doors opened on Monday morning. Thankfully we found one and after an hour round trip and £40 later (yes, that’s for one tin that lasts two days!) we could relax. After that stressful experience, I pleaded with the GP to prescribe more than three tubs at a time and managed to get one month’s supply put on repeat prescription. We also took a trip to Italy just after we had weaned Matilda onto bottles. I will never forget the look on the security guards face as my hand luggage went through the scanner. Yes, there are five tubs of white powder in my hand luggage and nothing else. My baby is allergic to milk and I’m paranoid about you losing our checked luggage! (P.s I didn’t think it wise to mention the further tins spread out across our travel party’s checked luggage) 

And the second issue is not having the convenience of not having ready-made single feeds available like other most common formula brands. Everything must be made fresh. This is all fine and well while at home or visiting friend’s houses. The issue came while out for long periods walking or when travelling long distances. 

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  1. Just came across this while searching for information on baby bottles. Although this isn't entirely related, but now I can see how this is going to benefit moms especially those still new to parenting and not experienced at all.


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