Getting a Diagnosis

We were lucky. Matilda was diagnosed over the phone by our GP when she was only 4 weeks old. Although it could potentially have been picked up earlier by other health professionals following her birth, we were impressed with our GP’s quick and accurate conclusions and advice that led to us going dairy free very early on and solved Matilda’s health issues quickly.  

Others I know havent been so lucky. People who we have spoken to whose children have had health issues have not been diagnosed with a cows milk protein allergy until their babies were 4, 6 and even 12 months old. Granted their symptoms were different from Matilda’s, but the signs were still there. The most important thing I would say is go with your instincts. You know your child. You know what is normal for them and when something is not quite right.  

Then speak to your GP. Your GP can advise you further and it is worth getting the dairy allergy on your child’s medical records early on as this can influence future prescriptions for formula. Also, if you child is bottle fed, they are the only people that can prescribe you with a suitable formula. For more information on this, please see section on bottle feeding and formula options  

Once you have been given a diagnosis by your GP, get in contact with your health visitor. They can refer you to the dietitian and can give you further advice regarding formula or dairy free breastfeeding. Your health visitor will also track and monitor your child’s growth and development closely. One of my GP’s told me he knew nothing about prescribing formula for babies who were allergic to dairy, explaining how it wasn’t really his field of expertise and to speak to my health visitor, much to my health visitors shock and horror. 

Once you are referred to the dietitian, life becomes so much easier. You will be given a wealth of information to help shape your child’s diet. They are also the most knowledgeable and can answer all your questions about raising a child dairy free. Our lovely dietitian’s own son was 16 and had been dairy free since he was a baby, so she understood our concerns and was able to give us advice from her own personal experience which helped us feel well supported. 

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